attention management

In the last year, I’ve repeatedly come across folks (especially fellow developers) sharing their experiences with diagnosed ADHD as an adult. After a lifetime of speculation, I’ve read enough now to say I am dead certain I have undiagnosed ADHD. Since many folks have very outdated and narrow views of what that means (and I […]

spring reading

From time to time I enjoy collecting the best articles I’ve read that added something to my perspective recently. I previously did this on the Vanilla Forums open source community where you can peruse the backlog. Responsive Design Turns Ten (Ethan Marcotte) Open Source Beyond The Market (DHH) Is Your Work Truly Essential? (James Kaelan) […]

tipped scales

Last week I plunged back into the coding deep end. I spent a full day refactoring something I knew nothing about a few short weeks ago, and my brain went to that mythical “zone” for the first time in a long while as it all clicked into place, almost effortlessly. I was burning again with […]

project folders

My ADD-infused creative process is something I’ve struggled to accept. Too many times I’ve tried to control it in a way that ended up burning me out. Late nights of “work” that accomplished nothing. Hours forcing my brain to follow the path I decided it needed to, only to discover it was the wrong one. […]

social graph

In September 2006, Facebook became available to anyone in the world. At their developer conference the following May, they invented a term that made their venture capital-funded runaway bumper car sound like noble science: “the social graph”. There’s even a Wikipedia page about it. The idea is that mapping everyone’s relationships in the world would […]

mental models

Our brains are kinda magic. We hold in them virtual representations of the world around us and go about our daily lives without thinking about them very much. Your brain is spending tremendous amounts of energy just to get you to square one functionality and you don’t even notice. Those virtual representations take many forms. […]

square one

“Late to the punch” doesn’t really do it justice. It’s been more than a decade since blogs were in vogue. I wanted to be one of the cool kids so badly: Gruber, Coudal, Fried, Zeldman, Meyer, Marcotte, Kottke, Storey, Veen, Moll, Mall, Molly, and Santa Maria. They were building this amazing web according to their […]