here again

I swear to God that all I’ve ever wanted was / A little bit of everything, all of the time

nitro porter

A week ago I forked a decade-old open source project and Nitro Porter was born.

spilled puzzles

If you’re half-done with a jigsaw puzzle and flip the table it’s on, what happens?

interviewing humans

Many folks approach interviewing like an infinite avocado cart and they aren’t quite sure how to find a ripe one. Maybe if you have more people squeeze it you’ll figure it out?

fallen leaves

Leaves from the vine / Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells / Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy / Come marching home
Brave soldier boy / Comes marching home

search products

This is a brief technical review of open source search index products currently available, summarizing what I learned about them in a couple days of research.

startup power

If you don’t invest in engineering leadership early you’re burning your salary budget. Once it’s time for process, you need someone who empowers your engineers and helps them operate safely rather than imposing rules that grind your releases to a halt.

two leaders

How do I say this politely? If you’re the kind of leader who “puts the group before the individual” that usually just means you’re a bad leader and everyone knows it.

escape delta

A moment of conceptual breathing room by putting forward a well-articulated, divergent view could save a ton of resources later.

attic dojo

I’ve been quarantined from my dojo a bit too long, so I took matters into my own hands last month.


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