myself again

Leadership skills are the water I swim in and it took a couple years in the corporate wilderness to remember that.

victory laps

Moments worthy of victory laps come from stories which have a beginning, middle, and end. If you’re not actively communicating these stories to a team, eventually startup-era victory laps fade into memory.

2021 fiction

A catalog of media I consumed in 2021, with a sentence or two about each.

deferred conflict

I’m the kind of person that waits to see what the third person decides before I open up on the first attacker. I’m being physically assaulted and I still try to deflect or defer, to see where things go, before I hit the gas.

least evil

A few months ago, an old friend called me the “least evil person” they know. I keep thinking about it.

context proximity

The most egregious error I see leaders make frequently is to assume they have more context than the folks doing the work.

first love

When I was in middle school, I fell in love with a boy. I’m pretty sure he liked me back. It’s a simple narrative, but it took me most of my life to understand it.

porter deux

10% of all commits on the decade-old project are now mine from this past month. So, things are moving briskly.

the fight

As the power of the Web grew, we allowed that power to become concentrated in the hands of a very few. And unregulated power invariably corrupts, and corruption kills dreams.

here again

I swear to God that all I’ve ever wanted was / A little bit of everything, all of the time


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