A curated list of articles & books that effected my thinking, updated periodically. They tend to live at the intersection of technology, community, & culture. They are in no particular order beyond their chronological headings. Linking something here doesn’t mean I endorse every thought in it, of course.

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2018 – 2019

I didn’t regularly update this list for a couple years, so this is a retroactive list.

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Books I read before I started this list that were particularly formative and that I recommend to any web developer (or manager of them). I’ve resisted linking them to Amazon in the naive hope you might buy them elsewhere.

  • Being Geek (Lopp)
  • Managing Humans (Lopp)
  • Rework (DHH & Fried)
  • Remote (DHH & Fried)
  • Getting Real (DHH & Fried)
  • Designing with Web Standards (Zeldman)
  • Don’t Make Me Think (Krugman)
  • The Design of Everyday Things (Norman)
  • A Book Apart series (several)
  • Buzzing Communities (Millington)
  • The Indispensable Community (Millington)